Why did Queen Victoria visit Salford?

Don’t you hate it, when you think you have already done something and when you come to have another look, it has completely vanished.  Oh well attempt number three.

queen victorian

This term we will be answering the question –  Why did Queen Victoria visit Salford? In our topic work we will be focusing on looking at what life was like back in Victorian times, learning about the similarities and differences between now and back in the 19th Century.  What was Cross Lane like and how has it changed along with Salford as the years have passed.

Wilton 1900 cross lane

Did you know Salford Museum and Art Gallery first opened in November 1850 as “The Royal Museum & Public Library”, the first free public library in England. 

The children had the opportunity to visit Salford Library last week learning why libraries are so important for everyone in the community and seeing the value of this brilliant resource that sits right on our doorsteps.  When was the last time you read a good book?

What do you think like was like for Victorian children?

Who am I?

It is hard to believe the holidays are a distance memory and we are already steaming ahead into our new school year. This term we are answering the question – Who am I?

In our topic work we will be focusing on looking at what makes each of us special and unique. How have we changed as we have grown and what things can we do to keep us strong and healthy as we continue to develop. We will be reading lots of different books like ‘Angry Arthur’, ‘The Gruffalo’ and ‘Amazing Grace’, looking at the variety of characters in them and looking at the language used to create great descriptions.

What can you do that makes you special?

Maybe you are a great artist, runner, footballer or singer!